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ALIEN - Attack


Posted on 2012.11.26 at 21:27
Current Location: United States, Georgia, Augusta
Mental Status: tiredtired

Thanksgiving is over and I am back in Augusta.  Nine hours of travel when make haste.  Parents door to my apartment door is 600 miles on the nose.  I got back to my temporary place and immediately got to work preparing for the next day.  

Computers and electronic devices were reconnected and set charging.
Lunches for tomorrow were packed and refrigerated.
Coffee machine is prepped and set for tomorrow at 5 AM.
Breakfast is prepped to easily get in the morning.
The bed is made, clothes laid out for tomorrow.  
The gym bag is packed in case I go get a membership at the YMCA. 
Correspondence is sent.  Every minute is filled with something that needs to be done.  

I need to get back to writing here....mostly for practice if nothing else.  Regimentation will bring more writing... like it brings more walking and physical activity.  More to come.  

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