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Robert G. Barker
20 June
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Hmmm... what to say about me...
5 million years old years old, 3 miles high, male, light brown hair.
Electrical Engineer, anime fan, home owner, traveled, self-depricating, goofy, serious, restless, memory brilliant in some things, poor in others, voracious reader, likes to bike, hike in national parks, fly, entertain others.

Favorite foods: German, Italian, Sushi, Tempora, Chinese, Tai, Indian, seafood.

I wake up most days surprised not knowing who and where I am. It doesn't seems real most times.

This journal is friends only now. You can be added if you let me know and I will add you back. I don't keep much secret, but I like to keep track of who reads and who does not. I actively comment back too.

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